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Electro-Harmonix Tubes



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EHX is one of the largest vacuum tube manufacturers in the world. The next time you need to re-tube, insist on genuine Electro-Harmonix vacuum tubes.

Compliance with EU Material Restrictions and REACH Article 33

All New Sensor vacuum tubes (Electro-Harmonix, EH Gold, Genalex, Mullard, Sovtek, Svetlana and Tung-Sol) meet all applicable RoHS material restrictions and are REACH compliant.  Consistent with the notice requirements of REACH Art. 33, New Sensor notes that its vacuum tubes may contain lead oxide (CAS No. 1317-36-8) in their glass above the threshold level of 0.1% by weight. Again, notwithstanding the foregoing notice, these tubes satisfy all applicable RoHS material restrictions.